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Alexandria Monson, Class of 2019

Alexandria Monson (2019) worked as a licensed registered representative at T. Rowe Price for 2 years and is now employed at USAA. She is very happy with her current position as a Licensed Insurance Professional at USAA. 

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Classes of the 1980's

Barbara Nickless (Stafford)
Class of 1982

B.A. English
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Barbara Nickless went back to her love of Old English poetry to write her fifth novel, a mystery thriller. This thriller was just recently published in December 2021 and helped her to revisit her interests from her undergraduate years.

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Ed Chan
Class of 1982

Ed Chan (1982), a physician for Veterans Administration, enjoyed the small classes at UCCS and is glad to see the growth at UCCS.

Leslie Gamez
Class of 1984

Leslie Gamez (1984) has recently accepted a new position as the Alumni Relations Coordinator at Colorado Mountain College.

Classes of the 1990's

Denise Brill
Class of 1992

Denise Brill (1992) has recently returned to Colorado Springs after being selected to serve and support transitioning/separating military members and their families who are stationed at NATO HQ, Ramstein AB.

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Classes of the 2000's

Gina Volynsky
Class of 2000

Gina Volynsky (2000) received her Master in Business Administration from UCCS and has just been welcomed as the Head of Private Sector Practice at PACT.

Matthew Weidinger
Class of 2009

Matthew Weidinger (2009) practiced law in Grand Junction and Colorado Springs before moving to Denver. He left larger firms and co-founded a small, boutique law firm where he works as a Personal Injury Attorney. Matthew is also enjoying his family life with a daughter in pre-school and a newborn baby boy. 

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Amy McDowell, MD
Class of 2009

After graduating from UCCS in 2009, Dr. Amy McDowell (2009) received her medical education at Anschutz Medical Campus. She now works in Colorado Springs where she was named a “Rising Star” in the Colorado Springs community.

Robert Reimer
Class of 2009

Robert Reimer (2009) graduated from UCCS with a Master of Arts in Counseling and Human Services and has recently been named the new Director of the Berry Center for Integrity in Leadership.

Classes of the 2010's

Sabrina Wienholtz
Class of 2011

Sabrina Wienholtz (2011) just recently left her role at UCCS to accept a position as Executive Director at Leadership Pikes Peak.

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Joseph Lininger
Class of 2013

Joseph Lininger (2013) received a Bachelor's degree in computer science at UCCS and has been working with the United States Air Force since 2012 and started with the DoD Cyber Crime Center as a computer scientist in Maryland. Joseph has also had the opportunity to purchase a home in 2020.

Autumn Rivera
Class of 2015

At the start of 2022, UCCS alum Autumn Rivera (2015) was named Colorado’s 2022 Teacher of the Year and was also one of four finalists for National Teacher of the Year.

Travis Tafoya
Class of 2016

After UCCS, Travis Tafoya (2016) received his master's degree in Education Leadership from DePaul University. He now works for Vail Resorts supporting corporate giving to youth and adaptive serving organizations.

Jake Duenckel
Class of 2016 & 2022

After a career change fueled by the pandemic, Jake Duenckel (2016/2022) came back to UCCS to pursue his graduate degree. His experiences at UCCS helped him find an industry that he loves! He is excited for future opportunities after finishing his graduate degree in the summer of 2022. 

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Zach Woolweaver
Class of 2017

Zach Woolweaver (2017) is excited to be moving back to Colorado with his wife after accepting a job as Assistant Vice President/Legal Counsel at National Bank Holding Company. 

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Amelia Loving (Nunn)
Class of 2017

Amelia Loving (2017) now works for her alma mater (CU/UCCS) as a Campus Program Manager and loves staying connected to the UCCS community in several ways including speaker series, networking opportunities, sporting events, and theater productions.

Amodj Manga
Class of 2018

Amodj Manga graduated from UCCS in 2018 and has since been keeping busy working as a senior legal assistant at Vinci Law Office while also preparing to attend law school.

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Alexandria Monson
Class of 2019

Alexandria Monson (2019) worked as a licensed registered representative at T. Rowe Price for 2 years and is now employed at USAA. She is very happy with her current position as a Licensed Insurance Professional at USAA. 

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Classes of the 2020's

Jen Raskin
Class of 2020

Jen Raskin (2020) is now pursuing her Master's degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark, but will be moving to Austria to finish her degree at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. She also volunteers as a Project Manager for a sustainability project fighting different types of waste. Jen is enjoying life in Europe, exploring and learning a new language.

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