Nonregistered Students
Individuals who wish to attend regular session main campus courses and are not currently registered students can contact the Online & Academic Outreach Office to audit courses on a space available basis. To qualify as an auditor, an individual must be 21 years of age or older. Individuals are not eligible to audit courses if they are under suspension from the university. No academic credit is earned.

Registered Students
All students attending regular session classes who elect to participate in a class without receiving credit must register for the course and sign up for No Credit (NC grade). The tuition and fees for No Credit courses are the same as for courses taken for credit. In order to register for no credit, the student should complete a Credit Change Form indicating the course for which no credit is desired. Deadlines and rules for registering for and changing a No Credit course are the same as for Drop/Add. No Credit courses appear on the CU transcript with a grade of 'NC' and no academic is earned. These courses are not eligible for financial aid. Also see Grading System and Drop/Add.

Have questions? Contact the Online & Academic Outreach office, or call (719) 255-3498 or (800) 990-8227 x3498.