Volunteer Opportunities for Alumni

Volunteer as a UCCS Alum Today

The Alumni Office has dozens of opportunities for alumni and friends to donate their time and talents to UCCS students and programs. Volunteer opportunities are offered in three different modes: virtual, hybrid, and in-person. 

Examples of opportunities include reviewing student scholarship applications, writing letters to incoming students, supporting sustainability initiatives and clean-ups on campus, and helping with event execution on things like the UCCS Economic Forum and Bash the Bluffs 5K. 

Whatever your interests and desired time commitment, you can find an opportunity that aligns.

Featured Volunteer Opportunity: Scholarship Application Reviews


We are seeking volunteers to help us review student scholarship applications. The review process includes using a scoring rubric to rank student short question and essay responses.


Support UCCS Admissions

UCCS alumni and friends are important ambassadors for the University, playing a vital part in supporting student recruitment and enrollment. Every time you talk about your UCCS experience, promote UCCS and show your Mountain Lion pride, you are helping as an advocate for UCCS. By referring applicants, sharing resources with prospective students, and more, alumni and friends can bolster the efforts of UCCS Admissions.

For Campus Partners

The UCCS Alumni Office is always excited to help campus partners engage alumni through volunteer opportunities. Utilize the alumni volunteer hub to create a program page, publicize your volunteer opportunities, and share events. Find video tutorials on:

Host a Dinner with 12 Mountain Lions

Dinner with 12 Mountain Lions, coordinated by the UCCS Alumni & Friends Association, pairs students with local UCCS alumni and friends for small, intimate dinner parties. The goal of this unique program is to provide students with opportunities to network and forge new connections.