Give Back to UCCS

Ways to Support UCCS Students and Programs

The generosity of alumni and friends makes the impossible possible at UCCS. There are many opportunities to give back, whether to a scholarship or to student programs. Alumni can also support individual colleges or degree programs by contributing to many funds and initiatives for specific entities on campus.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarships enable countless students to obtain a degree. Please consider contributing to one of the following funds to make education more affordable for those attending UCCS:

Student Support and Wellness Programs

The health and wellbeing of students is a top priority at UCCS. The following funds support student food security, mental health, safety, and development:

College-Specific Contributions

Many UCCS alumni are excited to donate to the specific college or department from which they graduated. The following funds are a way for alumni to contribute directly to the programs that had the most impact on them as students: