Dinner with 12 Mountain Lions

Dinner with 12 Mountain Lions Purpose & Goals:

Dinner with 12 Mountain Lions, coordinated by the UCCS Alumni & Friends Association, pairs students with local UCCS alumni and friends for small, intimate dinner parties. The goal of this unique program is to provide students with the following opportunities:

  • Meet UCCS alumni and friends in a relaxed, informal setting

  • Establish connections beyond immediate peer or academic groups
  • Develop a higher comfort level networking with alumni
  • Experience the broader UCCS community

Alumni hosts and participants not only get to know current UCCS students on a deeper level but also act as role models by sharing life experiences and advice with students while teaching them how to succeed at UCCS and beyond. Ultimately, Dinner with 12 Mountain Lions is another way the UCCS Alumni & Friends Association strives to bridge the gap between students and alumni.

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First-person testimonial:

Tanner Harbick, a student at UCCS, wrote about his experience attending a Dinner with 12 event. Read more about his experience here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies as a host?
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Who pays for the dinner?
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What assistance do I receive with the dinner?
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Do I have to host 12 students?
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Can I have someone host the dinner with me?
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Do I have to host the dinner at my home?
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What if I want to host something earlier in the day? Like a brunch or a lunch? 
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I do not live in the Colorado Springs area, but I would still like to host a dinner.
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