Mon, 03/13/2023
05:30 PM - 06:30 PM

UCCS: Hybl Center Room 225
4925 N Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

CSGI Lecture: Cryptocurrencies: the Good, the Bad, the Crazy

With events like the spectacular failure of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange and the massive market crash in summer 2022, cryptocurrencies have been in the news more than ever over the past few months. The pandemic in particular was significant for digital currencies in terms of their salience to the public generally, but also to more sophisticated institutional investors. Meteoric increases (and drops!) in prices have led to institutional investors facing significant pressures from their clients to diversify into these risky, and hence potentially highly profitable, asset classes. This increased demand for involvement by sophisticated investors effectively demanded regulatory involvement on the part of US federal agencies that had already been scrutinizing the space, and the Biden administration has been aggressively pursuing actors in the cryptocurrency space. This talk will give a breakdown of core classes of cryptocurrency activity, discuss areas of innovative importance, and identify the riskiest areas most likely to be subject to US regulatory authority in the coming month.

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