Alumni Traditions Challenge

About the Traditions Challenge

The Students Today Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) club is excited to offer the UCCS Mountain Lion Traditions Challenge. It is your passport to learn about the customs and traditions that make being a UCCS Mountain Lion a unique and rewarding experience.

During your multi-year journey, how many activities can you complete before you graduate? Using the Traditions Challenge poster throughout college will not only give you the opportunity to become a "Mountain Lion Traditions Keeper" but show you exactly what the UCCS has to offer. 

Levels of Recognition

  1. Black Level

    10 Activities Completed
    Earn a UCCS Window Decal

  2. Gold Level

    20 Activities Completed
    Earn a UCCS E-Grip

  3. Clyde Level

    30 Activities Completed
    Earn a UCCS Water Bottle

  4. Mountain Lion Level

    40 Activities Completed
    Traditions Keeper Graduation Medal

Traditions Challenge Poster

The Traditions Challenge poster boasts a plethora of challenges. It is a "must-do" list of campus activities that everyone should participate in before graduation. There really is something for everyone. It includes Exploring Campus & Beyond, Getting Involved, Black & Gold Pride, and Mountain Lions Are Scholars. UCCS's traditions are part of our campus' continually evolving history.

How to Get Your Poster

Pick Up Traditions Challenges Prizes

Students can use Mountain Lion Connect to mark off completed Traditions Challenge activities and arrange to pick up prizes by contacting the UCCS Alumni Office. Pick-up will also be available at Grad Bash.