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The UCCS Alumni and Friends Association invites all alumni to submit a class note at any time! Whether you graduated from UCCS just a few months ago or 50 years ago, we want to hear from you! Tell us about:

  • Your first job out of college
  • Earning your advanced degree
  • Any new jobs or career changes
  • Exciting personal updates (new house, spouse, baby, and more!)
  • Your retirement
  • Anything else you would like to share with the Mountain Lion Family

Submissions from the Mountain Lion Community

Brian McCullough
Class of 1983

B.A. in Distributed Studies
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

“It's been a wild ride since graduation, starting with a stint at a Bay Area non-profit, followed by time in Silicon Valley recording, producing, and optimizing speech and sound effects for embedded applications (mostly toys, clocks, and telephone systems). In my speech and sound effect work, I had the privilege of working with many celebrity voice actors. Later I became a technical writer. My work has won multiple awards from the Society for Technical Communication in competitive judging. More recently, I published an independent novel which has won competitive awards of its own. In 1986, I married fellow UCCS graduate Kimberly A. Robinson (BA Chemistry, 1985). We have one daughter, Anya McCullough.”

Michael Kirtland
Class of 1981

M.P.A. in Public Administration
College of Public Service

Since graduating from UCCS, Kirtland received his Juris Doctorate from the Jones School of Law at Faulkner University, and his L.L.M from the University of Alabama. Kirtland returned to Colorado Springs to open his firm – Kirtland & Seal, LLC where he is now a Managing Partner. Visit Kirtland & Seal LLC for careful, compassionate guidance to informed decisions on estates and aging issues affecting your Colorado family.

Recently, Kirtland was awarded the Colorado Bar Association's John Campbell Award for Outstanding Contributions to Elder Law. 

Ed Chan
Class of 1982

B.S. in Biology & Chemistry
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

After graduation, Ed went on to get his Doctor of Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Later, ED accepted a fellowship at the University of Colorado Medical Hospital Program, Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine in 1997.  

Now, Dr.Chan is a practicing physician at Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center, with specialties in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, and Critical Care Medicine. 

Dr.Chan is also affiliated with Denver’s National Jewish Health and University of Colorado Hospital. Dr.Chan is also a Professor of Medicine - Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. 

Chan fondly remembers his time at UCCS for the small class sizes, professors, and classmates. He is amazed and happy to see how much UCCS has grown. 


Barbara Nickless
Class of 1982

B.A. in English, Physics, Educational Technology 
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

“My latest mystery/thriller novel came out in 2022. It's my sixth novel and was a chance to revisit my undergraduate love of Old English poetry.” 

Barbara has an impressive portfolio of works and describes her publishing's as a dream come true: 

  • At First Light 
  • Dark of Night 
  • Blood on the Tracks 
  • Dead Stop 
  • Ambush 
  • Gone to Darkness 

To stay in touch with Barbara and her literature, visit her website: 

Denise Brill
Class of 1992

B.A. in Communication
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Denise returned home to Colorado Springs in 2020 after being selected to serve the transitioning and separating military and their family members. Denise was stationed at NATO headquarters on Ramstein Air Base where she grew up, as well as other military installations throughout Germany. Since returning to Colorado Springs, Denise now works for National University as a Business Development Manager - Military & Veteran Strategic Partnership Manager.

Joshua Green
Class of 2009

B.A. in Political Science, English Literature
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Joshua worked on Capital Hill for over 10 years before returning to Colorado Springs “to help build philanthropic support for students and our growing community”. Joshua is about to celebrate his second year as the Director of Development at UCCS.

Matthew Weidinger
Class of 2009

B.A. in Philosophy, Political Science
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

After practicing law in Grand Junction and Colorado Springs, Matthew moved to Denver and started a family. Matthew and his wife have a daughter in preschool and a newborn baby boy.

Matthew recently left the life of large firms and co-founded a boutique small practice – Weidinger & Smith P.L.L.C. where he is a Founding Partner and Personal Injury Attorney.

Sabrina Wienholtz
Class of 2011

M.A. in Leadership, Student Affairs in Higher Education
College of Education

After working at UCCS in a variety of roles for nearly 15 years, Sabrina started as the Executive Director of Leadership Pikes Peak, a local non-profit, in early 2022. 

Congratulations, Sabrina!

Jake Duenckel
Class of 2016, 2022

B.S. in Business Administration, M.A. in Business Administration, Marketing 
College of Business

Jake received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2016 but had a change of heart in 2020.

Jake notes: 

“My time at UCCS has been profound for my career. In 2020, I realized I was in the wrong career field, a change fueled by the pandemic and lack of a work-life balance. I appreciate all that I learned and the experience I received at UCCS. Because of that, I was able to make a career pivot and end up in an industry I love. Now, after having the time to finish my graduate degree, I cannot wait for what's to come in the future!” 

Jake got his Master's degree in Marketing from UCCS in 2022 and has since become a Founding Partner of JN Web Studio, a website design company that designs, builds, and supports websites for small businesses and the underserved. Jake is also an Experimentation Strategist for Fanatics. 

Amelia Loving
Class of 2017

B.A. in Psychology
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

After working at UCCS as the Annual Giving Program Manager for over two years, Amelia recently accepted a position for the University of Colorado Systems Office as a Program Manager of Digital Marketing.

Amelia reflects on her time at UCCS: 

“I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to work for my alma mater! UCCS is a place I can return to again and again for not only continuing my education but events like speaker series, networking opportunities, sporting events, and theatre productions. If you haven't found all the ways to stay connected, I highly recommend the A-List emails!” 

Eric Robinson
Class of 2016

B.S. in Business Administration
College of Business

Eric Robinson is “living the dream" - enjoying ownership of a townhome, is happily married, and has two children. Robinson works as a Financial Systems Analyst for The Walt Disney Company. 

Travis Tafoya
Class of 2016

B.A. in Psychology
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences


After receiving his Bachelor’s in Psychology from UCCS in 2016, Travis went on to complete his Master of Education degree with DePaul University in 2022. Now, Travis is a Manager for Inclusive Access & Collective Impact for Vail Resorts. In this role, Travis supports corporate giving to youth and adaptive serving organizations.

Zach Woolweaver
Class of 2017

B.S. in Business Administration
College of Business

Zach and his wife excitedly moved back to Colorado during Summer 2022, as he accepted an amazing new position at National Bank Holding Company as Assistant Vice President and Legal Counsel. 

Congratulations, Zach!

Amodj Manga
Class of 2018

B.A. in Sociology, Women's and Ethnic Studies
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences


Since graduation, Amodj is an aspiring lawyer, and recently accepted a position as a Court Judicial Assistant for the Denver District Court. Amodj has a passion for Immigration, Family and Civil Rights Issues. 

Sandy Ho
Class of 2016

PhD in Educational Leadership, Research, and Policy
College of Education

Dr. Ho is the Chief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer for the Colorado Department of Human Services.  Dr. Ho is an accomplished alumni, obtaining their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degree from UCCS over the years. Ho has received many honors and awards, including but not limited to: 

  • Colorado Springs Business Journal 2021 Women of Influence 
  • Pikes Peak Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Transformational Award 2021
  • Colorado Springs Mayor’s Young Leader Award Finalist 2019  

And more!

Alexandria Monson
Class of 2019

B.S. in Finance
College of Business


Alexandra worked as a licensed registered representative at T. Rowe Price for 2 years and recently made the switch to USAA. She is very happy with her current position as a Licensed Insurance Professional at USAA! 

Dalia Regev
Class of 2019

B.S. Business Administration, Sports Management
College of Business


Dalia now lives in St.Louis, Missouri, and completed an MBA in Sport Management & Entertainment at Maryville University of Saint Louis in 2021 and is an Executive Board Member of the College to Sports Networking group. Regev offers advice for current and future UCCS students: 

“Take advantage of the incredible networking opportunities available to you while at UCCS. It is never too early, nor too late, to start networking.  You truly never know when or how a connection you make can help your career. I met many sports business professionals during my time in the UCCS Sport Management program, many of whom I have worked with professionally and consider mentors. We are talking about connections from freshman year (eight years ago)!” 

Jen Raskin
Class of 2020

B.S. in Biology
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Jen is currently pursuing her Master’s in Environmental Science with the EnvEuro program. She was the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, and recently moved to Austria to complete her degree at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna.  

Jen also volunteers as a Project Manager for Sustainability at Actory, where she works with the Development of Innovative Solutions to fight against waste.  

In her spare time, Jen enjoys exploring Europe and is learning German. 

Pru Crawmer
Class of 2021

B.A. in Environmental Studies and Geography, GIS Certificate
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Since graduation, Crawmer has found fulfilling employment as a GIS Technician at NV5 Geospatial, North America's most comprehensive and most capable geospatial services firm.

Crawmer has advice for current UCCS students and new alumni: “Never be hesitant to apply for jobs that don't match 100% of your experience! If the job description states they want 3 years' experience and you only have 1 year, still apply!"

Lauryn Shockley
Class of 2021, 2023

B.A. in Sports Communications, M.A. in Communications

College of Letters, Arts & Sciences


"I have had the opportunity to work as the Director of Operations for the women’s tennis team at the United States Air Force Academy. This has been an amazing experience so far gaining knowledge in social media marketing, updating recruiting databases, and increasing my knowledge behind the camera. I plan to stay in Colorado Springs at least for the next year and play one last season of volleyball for the mountain lions! I am thankful for everything UCCS has given me and taught me over the past 4 years."

Jenn Wells
Class of 2023

M.A. in Inclusive Early Childhood Special Education
College of Education

Jenn Wells speaks fondly on the festivities of May 2023’s Commencement, where she graduated with her master’s degree in Inclusive Early Childhood Special Education: 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the graduation last night. It was amazing seeing my classmates and myself graduate. Since I am an older graduate, I enjoyed seeing the youth of today get so many recognitions and honors. One of the best professors that I have ever had the honor of taking her class is Dr. Katie McCabe. I vote for her to become the professor of the year! Her class is eye-opening, and her support of her students is beyond the norm. She is an advocate for each student’s strengths and a kind, helpful professor to support growth in areas of weakness or difference. The honoring of students with physical, mental, and neurodiverse needs who worked so hard and diligently to earn their degrees was the best part of graduation. Each graduate last night had worked through personal issues to complete their degrees such as the death of a parent, the death of grandparent, working full-time, raising children, juggling schedules to meet class Zoom meetings and complete work, finding times to work in small groups with other students, having car issues, paying rent and mortgages, having very little money to live off of, and working through requirements with abilities and disabilities to complete a degree of success.” 

Jenn is now a pre-kindergarten teacher at Springs of Life Childcare Centers!